The Challenge

Mentmore's site had become difficult to update without technical knowledge. Reliance on job board sites meant moving the Mentmore brand and message forward difficult. An initial request for some updates to content and a rethink of the jobs posting process lead to a simple to update and beautiful new site Mentmore could use to communicate their brand and feel.

Services Provided

Mentmore’s site needed to match the calibre of individuals they were so good at recruiting for their clients

One key goal was ensuring visitors could easily discover and quickly apply for jobs through a clean and understandable UX/UI

Colour coded job cards offer an immediate filter to users to quickly hone in on the areas best suited to them. From here and throughout the site they are one click away from getting in contact with Mentmore’s expert recruiters.

Dynamic filtering of job cards to reduce the stress and hassle of finding the jobs that matter

Using modern javascript standards and an API driven frontend ensured that job posts could be filtered with ease in a fast and efficient manner. A simple click will refresh the cards in milliseconds.

Site updates and job postings

Maybe the most important aspect of the site was to allow Mentmore staff to easily update content on the site, post new jobs and update staff profiles. Key members of staff were provided with site logins, giving them access to perform these tasks quickly, easily and with no technical background.

About the business

Displaying key content about the business and their values was essential to Mentmore in order to attract relevant recruiters and job seekers alike. Throughout the site, we kept their core values at the forefront of our mind, giving visitors an insight into how Mentmore operate and what it may be like to work with them.

The Result

Mentmore were delighted with the results and have been particularly pleased with how easy it is to manage new and existing jobs.

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